Client Service Specialist

35 years

Industry experience

Education & Professional Affiliations:
Milwaukee Business Training Institute – Certification

Why I Got Into This Business:
I stumbled into this business at a young age and learned early the importance of sound financial planning and investing for the future.  I practiced what I learned and, over time, witnessed how my financial dreams could become a reality.  I felt empowered by this and wanted to share my newfound knowledge and experience with others in need of financial guidance.    

Community & Charity Involvement:
• Local Milwaukee Charity – Volunteer (Cook, Serve Food & Donate Clothing)
• Belize Community Support – Volunteer (Donate Clothing & Household Goods)

Favorite Quote:
“Happiness is the new rich. Inner Peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.”  – Syed Balkhi